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Pride 365: Start Here

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If you’re brand new to Pride 365, welcome!

Take a jump over to this post to get a look at the initial announcement for Pride 365.

If you’d rather skip the post and jump straight into the smut, here are the important things:

  • Pride 365 will be posted every day in 2020.
  • It’s free to read, but you can get some great bonuses and support me by heading over to Patreon. You can get a custom room assignment and floor plan of your room, plus additional content. At higher tiers you’ll get a paperback version of each month so your bookshelf can be a rainbow by the end of 2020.
  • Each month there will be an ebook and paperback version created which will be available on Amazon (and sent directly to eligible Patreon supporters).
  • The ebooks and paperbacks will have some bonus scenes which Patreon supporters will get to see in advance.
  • The whole thing is taking place on a 365 day cruise (yes, 2020 has 366 days but there’s a day of travel at the start), the whole thing will culminate in Sydney on New Year’s Eve.
  • There will be a mix of heat levels, some days you’ll get a steamy scene, others will be a slow build, some might crossover into erotica. I’ll try to remember to tag them.
  • It’s not strictly necessary to read each scene in order but you’ll likely get more out of the experience if you do.
  • If you’d like to keep up with Pride 365 and be notified when the ebooks and paperbacks go on sale, subscribe to this email list. If you’d like to see cute photos of my pets and hear about my life as well as new releases, subscribe to this email list.

You can read January 1, 2020 right here.

Thanks for reading