Caitlin Ryan Lesbian Romance Author


However you stumbled across this website, welcome. I’m Caitlin, or Cate, while there is plenty to learn about me the most important things to know are:

I’m a total nerd, give me a book, video game, tv show, or movie and I’m set. Actually, don’t forget the tabletop games, love those too. Yep, huge nerd.

I’m also a huge gay. Okay, so I’m not out sporting that stereotypical lesbian haircut (love to all of you who are, you’re totally rocking it), but I think we’re all aware enough to know that lesbians come in all shapes and sizes.

Don’t forget, giant animal lover. I have three cats, and two dogs, and a wife (jokes, at least about the last one, I am married but she’s not an animal, just a redhead). All of them crazier than me.

If there is a fantastic woman to fangirl then I’m there, I have far too many girl crushes to list (see total nerd).

If by some miracle I have free time, you’ll find me cross-stitching, reading (probably even if I don’t have free time), or out hiking (if it’s not summer).

I’m also an Aussie so if you’re ever heading Down Under, look me up!

If you haven’t had enough of me yet come hand out in my Facebook group where we can chat about my awful taste in music, what I’m working on, and of course, our favorite lesfic books. Or, if Facebook isn’t your thing and you’d love to know more about my doggers and fluffers (that’s dogs and cats for anyone wondering) come and join my mailing list where you’ll hear all about the crazy shit my floofers are up to and my latest releases. If you’d like to support my crazy 2020 project where I’ll be writing a new scene every day in 2020, head on over to Patreon where you can get some great bonuses to the 365 story.