This September, join me on Twitter as I watch all the best Anne Hathaway movies to keep myself sane. From the Princess Diaries to the Devil Wears Prada, all the way to Ocean’s 8 and the Hustle.

You can check out the schedule below, and download your own bracket to play along at home.

Week 1 — September 1 – 6

The Princess Diaries vs. Get Smart

The Hustle Vs. Bride Wars

Week 2 — September 7 – 13

Ella Enchanted vs. Ocean’s 8

Passengers vs. One Day

Week 3 — September 14 – 20

The Princess Diaries 2 vs. Love and Other Drugs

Les Miserables vs. Havoc

Week 4 — September 21 – 27

The Intern vs. Colossal

Becoming Jane vs. The Devil Wears Prada

The Semi Finals — September 28 – 29

Week 1 winner vs. Week 2 winner

Week 3 winner vs. Week 4 winner

The Final Countdown — September 30

Week 1+2 winner vs. Week+4 winner

You can follow along on Twitter and vote in each week’s polls. Follow me @CaitlinRyanFF and tag your posts with #QueenAnneSweet16

Download your bracket here to play along at home.