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“Wait. Isn’t Tenerife the place where they had that huge plane crash like 50 years ago?”

Pippa shrugged. “No idea. But please don’t tell me you were about to suggest we go out there? They literally just lifted the quarantine. There’s probably a bunch of sick people.”

Yasmin ignored Pippa’s comment and continued. “No, I’m sure it’s the place where they had that plane crash. We watched it on that air crash show.”

“Air Crash Investigations?” Pippa asked.

“Yes! That one. And there were two planes on the runway and some crazy Dutch guy kept going and crashed into another plane. KLM. That was the one with the Dutch guy.”

“I don’t know, babe. I don’t remember it. All those plane crashes sound the same.”

Yasmin sighed. She was sure of it. There was a plane crash in Tenerife. She tried to Google it but reception in their room was too patchy.

“I’m gonna head on deck for a bit.”

Pippa nodded, her attention still on her journal which lay open on their little table. 

Yasmin headed right to the top of the ship. Looking out over Tenerife at the slight fog made her think it was definitely the right place. That was why the two planes didn’t see each other in time. 

A quick google search found her exactly what she was looking for. Crash of the Century. That’s what the episode she’d seen had been called. They had definitely watched it together. The fact that Pippa couldn’t remember it was maddening. 

She had been very wrong about the year. 1977. 43 years almost to the day. If visibility was as bad then as it was today, she could understand it. It was like pea soup. 

583 dead according to the article she found. She had been shocked the first time she heard the number, that was why the story had stuck with her so much. So many people and part of it was just because some Dutch guy wanted to get moving before they had to stay the night. The Pan Am flight had no idea what was coming. 

Okay, so there were other reasons too according to the article, but the pilot was the one that stuck with her. Not to mention the couple who had missed the flight and it might have saved their lives. Those kinds of stories made Yasmin want to stay at home forever. What if this was the time she died? 

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