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Adrienne still couldn’t believe it. Cleo had never had sex with a woman. How had she ended up on a lesbian cruise? Clearly she was interested in women, Adrienne’s gaydar had never been inaccurate in the past. 

Had she overreacted by leaving so abruptly? Probably. 

There was no way Cleo would forgive her again. They hadn’t even discussed the reason she needed forgiveness in the first place before she’d fled from their dinner date. That was a first. She hadn’t even made it to the apetitizers. 

Adrienne had to fix it. It was a huge shock but what did it really change? She enjoyed spending time with Cleo like she hadn’t enjoyed spending time with anyone for years. It’s not like it would be the first woman who had never slept with a woman. The little voice in her head reminded her it would be the first she actually cared about. That changed things. 

Even more reason to fix it, she told herself. 

With a sigh she decided it was time to just be honest. Cleo’s room was close by, barely a two minute walk. She knocked on the door nervously, she really had no idea what she’d say.

“Oh, it’s you.” Cleo made to the shut the door. Adrienne shoved her arm in and held it open.

“Please. Cleo. I was so silly. I should never have left last night. You just surprised me.”

Cleo sighed. “I’m getting really sick of hearing you apologize you know.”

Adrienne nodded. “I’m sorry. I really am. I just… I don’t like many people and it seems to have turned me into a total idiot.”

Cleo relaxed her hold on the door and let it fall open a little. 

Adrienne continued, spurred on by Cleo’s movement. “You know, I have sex with a lot of women, but I don’t often find I connect with them like I have with you. I really enjoyed our date and I should have called. You make me want to be better. I will be better. Please, if I screw up again, well… you can ignore me for the rest of the year.”

Cleo gave a slight nod. 

Adrienne leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Cleo’s lips. 

It was over in a moment. Adrienne longed to explore every inch of the stunning body in front of her. Instead she turned on her heel.
“Dinner, tonight. I’ll pick you up at 6.” Adrienne didn’t wait for a response. If she had, there was no chance she would have left Cleo’s cabin and every chance she would have buried her tongue in Cleo’s pussy. However, she wanted to get this right, that meant at least a few dates before she gave in. She would manage it. It would be worth it. Something about Cleo told her it would all be worth it. 

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