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Lalannah glared at her laptop screen. Three hours of editing and the video still looked like trash. It might as well have been filmed by an amateur. Blurry shots, less than smooth transitions. Could she just scrap the whole thing? No. There wasn’t enough other stuff to make a new video. She’d have to stick with the vlog. 

“You look grumpy. Anything I can do?” Ruby had looked up from her own stack of assignments from the writing class to glance at Lalannah.

“Not really. All that footage from yesterday is just… blurry. It’s my own fault. I usually check it’s all looking good once I’m done with each section, but there just wasn’t time yesterday.”

“Can I take a look?” Ruby rose from her chair and dropped into the one closest to Lalannah without waiting for an answer. 

Lalannah sighed and pulled the headphones off and passed them to Ruby. She busied herself with the thick slice of chocolate cake that had been waiting as a reward for finishing the video, but that seemed unlikely. 

She studied Ruby’s features as she watched the video looking for any signs that Ruby disliked the footage or could fix it.

Her plate of cake was long gone by the time Ruby pulled the headphones off.

“You know, I’m no expert, but it’s really just that section at the beach where it went fuzzy. Maybe you could just cut that bit out?”

“But then it’s mostly on the ship.”
“Some of it is, but I think people will still enjoy it. Not every vlog has to be perfection, hon.”

Lalannah sighed. It wasn’t perfect. She wanted it to be, but Ruby was right. People would still enjoy it. 

Ruby had already returned to her seat when Lalannah finally admitted that and began working on the vlog again. She glanced up to see Ruby’s concentration on the papers in front of her and was thankful that they had met. In such a short time, Ruby had come to mean so much to her. 

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