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Sammy looked at what had become her regular clothes over the last few weeks. Jeans and the Pride 365 polo that identified her as staff. She’d reached for it after her shower, almost tossed it on, remembered she had a day off, tossed it back to the chair, and was left with no idea how to dress. Things had finally settled down after the two week quarantine but that left Sammy with no idea how to spend her day. 

Catch up on email? No.

Read a book? Maybe.

Lay by the pool? Maybe.

Leave the ship? Nah. Too much effort.

Spa? Nope.

Suddenly, 20 minutes had passed and she was no closer to choosing an outfit for the day than she was to deciding what to do with her newfound freedom.

The only two options that had garnered a maybe in her mind were lay by the pool and read a book. Why not combine them? 

With that at least decided, she pulled on a pair of denim shorts and a tank top, grabbed her book, and headed for the pool. 

The moment she arrived, she knew it was the perfect way to spend her day. Almost deserted because they were in port, plenty of sunshine, and no work. She settled into the lounge chair and cracked her book. A day spent in paradise. 

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