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Adrienne juggled the odd assortment of things she was carrying (gin, tonic, limes, and a book) and knocked on Cleo’s door. 

“You’re late.”

“No, I’m on time.” Adrienne showed her watch to Cleo who stood silhouetted in her doorway looking all kinds of casual and inviting.

“Well, according to my clock you’re three minutes late. The terms of our arrangement were very clear.” Cleo made to turn away but Adrienne called her back.

“I don’t think they were. We never agreed which clock we’d use.”

Cleo considered this for a moment. “No, we didn’t. But you’re still late.”

“Fine. How about, since we never specified which clock we’d go by, you let me have one more shot to get it right.”

Cleo seemed to consider this for a long time before answering.
“Yes. I suppose that’s fair. Leave the gin though. Same time on Monday and we go by my clock. This time you can bring dinner. Don’t forget the dessert.”

Adrienne nodded. “I brought you a book also.”

A tiny smile graced Cleo’s features as she noticed the thick hardcover book balanced on the tray.

“Oh, I haven’t read that one yet.”

“Well, you better get started. We can talk about it on Monday.”

Despite the utter failure of their date, Adrienne walked away feeling happier than she had in weeks. 

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