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“I think it’s over Jess. I can’t compete with Adrienne McCoy. I mean, she can just have me get gin to her room like it’s no big deal. I can’t offer any of that to Cleo.” Jess rolled back onto her bed. She was well and truly sick of hearing about Cleo.
She blurted out the only thing likely to shut up her roommate, “I kissed Jamila.”

Poppy paused her rant about Adrienne for a moment. Long enough to register what Jess had said. “The girl with the curls?”

“I mean, I have curls too, but yeah. The one with the curls.”

“Shit. When?”

“Couple of days back. It just kind of happened. She’s been teaching me about hair stuff. I didn’t mean to.” Jess ran a hand over her thick curls being careful not to separate them. 

“Well, don’t keep me in suspense.”

“It was nice. I kind of ran away and I haven’t seen her since.”

“Jess!” Poppy squeaked. “You have to talk to her. Otherwise it’ll get weird.”

“Do I? It was just a one time thing.”

“Was it?” Poppy leaned over the top bunk to get a glimpse at Jess. 

“I mean, it was nice and all, but yeah. I’m pretty sure it was a one time thing.”

“Jess, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re smiling like crazy. Plus, you’ve been watching Jamila for months. You always say you just admire her hair, but I think it’s more than that. Go talk to her.”

“We’re not allowed. I can’t date her, we’ll get fired.”

“Ah, but you do want to.” Poppy smiled from above her.

“Fine. Yes. I do want to date Jamila.”

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