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The knock on the door startled Jamila. Nobody ever knocked on her door. She capped her eyeliner, only one eye finished and headed for the door. Jessica barreled through it. 

“You are a fucking genius.” She was practically bouncing off the walls. 

“Woah, slow down girl.”

“That curly stuff you taught me. Look at my hair. Look at it.”

She was still bouncing about so much that Jamila could hardly see her hair. In an effort to bring her to a stop, she placed both hands on Jessica’s shoulders. The bouncing dropped to a more manageable level. 

“Looks amazing girl.”

“I could kiss you,” she squeaked. No sooner had she said it then she leant forward and pressed her lips to Jamila’s. 

The kiss was a surprise but Jamila felt herself leaning into it before she’d even had time to process what was happening. Jessica’s lips were soft, and inviting. Her tongue probing for entrance sent a delightful shiver through Jamila’s body. 

Then it was over. As quick as it began, Jessica pulled away. A shocked look overtook her face and she dashed from the small cabin. 

Jamila made to chase after her but she noticed the time, five minutes to get ready. Jessica would have to wait until after her shift. 

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