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“You know what I miss most about the mainland?” Kara asked. 

Gabi looked up from her book. “The lack of your ex-girlfriend showing up everywhere?”

Kara laughed and leant back against the sofa back. “No, that’s a you problem. I miss Easter eggs. Easter is the best time of year. Why does chocolate always taste better in egg form?”

Gabi shrugged. “I don’t really like Easter.”

“What?” Kara feigned offence.

“Yeah. It’s always just a whole bunch of chocolate that I could buy myself if I wanted it, it’s all just so commercially driven.”

“Commercially driven but delicious. What I wouldn’t give for one of those big old Cadbury eggs right now.”

“Well, I’m sure they’ll have something in Italy. We’ll be there in a week or two.”

Kara groaned.

“You don’t understand. I want one now. Maybe I could get Amazon to deliver one.”

“We’re on a ship,” Gabi reminded her.

“Oh yeah. Right. Well, maybe South Africa has Easter eggs.”

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