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“You’re not getting off?” Adrienne shook her head. There was far too much work to be done now that the quarantine had been lifted. 

“But, you’ve been stuck on the ship longer than anyone. I know you didn’t get off when we were in port last. I have no idea when you were off before that.”

“It’s okay. I like being on the ship. Plus, I have way too much work to do.” Poppy sighed. Adrienne had been working herself to the bone for weeks. Before the lockdown. 

“You can go though. I have snacks and I can call the kitchen to bring me food,” Adrienne added misinterpreting Poppy’s sigh.

“No, no. I’ll stay.”

Adrienne gave her an odd look. “All right then. I’ll be in here most of the day, but feel free to work around me.”

Poppy nodded, she had become familiar with working around Adrienne. The first few times had been exceedingly awkward. Was she doing a good enough job? Adrienne had never complained about her cleaning abilities which had given her a little more confidence, honestly she wasn’t sure Adrienne was aware of her presence half the time. 

Poppy had just headed onto the large balcony to tidy up Adrienne’s breakfast tray when she caught sight of Oman. Down below, the little charters were ferrying people back and forth. In the distance she could see the disembarking passengers as they disappeared into the crowded city. It was true, she longed to be amongst them. The dry land was tantalisingly close. 

A knock at the door startled her and she rushed back inside to greet the guest. Opening the door, she found herself face to face with the reason she’d taken the job with Adrienne in the first place. It seemed so long ago now. Cleo. 

“Hi, you want to come down with me? I haven’t seen you in ages…” Cleo trailed off noticing that it wasn’t Adrienne who had answered the door.

“Sorry, I thought you were Adrienne. Oh, it’s you, from the cafe.” She barely drew breath as she stumbled over the words, turning beet red. 

“Yeah, just filling in. Cleo wasn’t it?”

Cleo nodded. “Is Adrienne around?”
Poppy glanced backwards unable to see Adrienne from the door.

“Sorry, she’s working.”

“Oh right, well, I’ll see her later.”

Poppy was about to shut the door when Adrienne herself appeared. 

“No, I’m right here. I’d love to accompany you.”

Poppy watched as Adrienne switched from work mode to play mode in two seconds and slipped into a pair of trainers to match her casual athleisure look before sweeping out of the door beside Cleo without so much as a glance backward. 

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