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“Pip, I’m reading.” Yasmin swatted away a hand and turned back to her book. 

“Well I’m bored. You’ve been reading for hours.” Pippa made a big effort of sipping from her very pink drink. She’d be adorable if she wasn’t so annoying.

“Well, why don’t you read a book? Or play a game on your phone? Go to one of the events. Or something.” Yasmin didn’t bother looking up. She already knew Pippa’s answer to all of those.

“Books are boring. And I’ve played them all. And I don’t want to go without you. It’s no fun by myself.”

Yasmin sighed. She only had three more chapters left in her book. Probably only 50 pages. She just needed Pippa to stay quiet for that much longer. 

“Make a deal with you. Go get me one of those pink drinks, give me another 45 minutes and then we can do whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want?” Pippa’s face lit up. Yasmin knew immediately she’d made a mistake. 

“Whatever you want,” she confirmed a little more warily.

“Oh, this is perfect.”

Yasmin turned back to her book as Pippa headed for the bar. She was in so much trouble. Plus, she only had 45 minutes to finish her book. 

“Okay, I’m back. Is it okay if I run to the room and grab the schedule to see if there is anything fun on?”

“Sure darling.” Yasmin couldn’t believe her luck. She settled back and whizzed through the next few pages. She probably had at least five or ten minutes before Pippa would be back. 

One chapter down, two to go. She had just started 29 when Pippa slid into the armchair opposite her, schedule in hand. Yasmin tried to keep her focus on the book. If she left Pippa get a word in, she’d never get finished. She needed to keep her focus.

From the opposite armchair the occasional ooh from Pippa kept slowing her down, putting a little smile on her face even as it pulled her attention away from the book. 

Yasmin glanced at her phone a few times and knew her time was almost up. She watched as the 45 minutes passed but still had a few pages to go. Pippa seemed oblivious. Yasmin wasn’t about to enlighten her. The whole thing coming to a tidy little ending. She flipped the last page and closed the book.

“Find anything fun?”

“Oh good, you’re done.”


“You 45 minutes was up a little bit ago. You know that?”

Yasmin smiled appreciatively. “You let me finish anyway.”

“Yeah. I mean, I can’t stop you that close to the end. How will you know if the couple gets it together?” Yasmin laughed.

“How indeed?”

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