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“I can’t believe we’re stuck on here another three days. I mean, I can see Mumbai,” Jess complained.

“That’s only if there are no symptoms,” Poppy reminded her.

“True. Well, let’s hope for the best. You’re back here at least. Finally away from Adrienne.”

“Just for today. Her steward is still sick and I could use the overtime.”

“Wait, you’re not here because someone’s sick?” 

Poppy shook her head and gestured to the busy cafe. “It’s all these extra people. They’ve had to put extra staff on everywhere all week and heaps of them are maxing out their hours. I’m on call a lot but I’m not usually doing that much, so I don’t mind picking up some shifts.”

Jess glanced around. The cafe was packed. It had been for days. They’d been making three times their regular croissant batch and were still selling out. Everywhere she looked on the ship people were drinking or eating. They had settled into their new status but people were still acting a little odd. More than once she caught sight of someone wandering the decks aimlessly then ordering a coffee just for something to do. 

“You reckon anyone has it?”

Poppy glanced around the cafe before answering. “I don’t know. I’d be pretty surprised if someone developed symptoms now. I mean we haven’t docked anywhere for like 10 days.”

“True. I really hope you’re right. I was so looking forward to getting off this ship.”

“You’re working anyway.”

Jess glared at Poppy. “Don’t remind me.”

“Three more days. Then we can get off.” Jess took a deep breath and nodded. “You ever been to Oman?” Poppy added.

“Nope. Never been to India either.”

“At least there are plenty more stops to go.”

Jess nodded. She would likely be working all the ones she wanted to go to, and the ones she didn’t work she’d be too tired to enjoy, but this was the job she’d signed up for. Though she was beginning to wish she hadn’t. 

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