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Cleo abandoned reading entirely after the first novel writing workshop with Ruby. She decided it was time to apply herself wholeheartedly to writing. If she wanted to make something of herself she needed to write more. The only problem was she couldn’t. 

For years, people had told her about their writer’s block, but it sounded like an excuse to Cleo, at least until she found herself staring at a blank screen for the tenth day in a row. She’d decided to start fresh with her novel and she was supposed to be coming up with a plan. Cleo even kind of knew what she wanted to do. The only problem was that every time she sat down to write it she stood back up and ended up doing something else. 

She closed her laptop, slipped it in her bag, and headed for the dining room. Maybe she’d have better luck there. Except that she’d tried that nine of the last ten days to no effect. Cleo knew what her BFF would say. She needed to get out more, do things, then the writing would come easy. All Cleo needed to do was sit and focus though, she didn’t need to get out, she just needed to get her butt in the chair. 

The nagging voice at the back of her head grew a little louder as she grabbed a seat at an unoccupied table. How could she write a lesbian romance if she’d never even had sex with a woman? Never gone on a date with a woman unless she counted whatever she was doing with Adrienne. And she didn’t. She had removed the name from her vocabulary entirely since she hadn’t heard from her in weeks. 

That was the real problem. She wasn’t qualified to write a book about lesbian love, or any love for that matter. 

Cleo needed to find a way to change that if she wanted to be successful. She pulled out a pen and scribbled a plan in her notebook frantically. Her entire future relied on that plan. She was going to need help.

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