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“I need you to give me a timeframe.” Adrienne rubbed her temples and resisted the urge to shout into the phone. Did nobody understand that they had been trapped on the ship for days with no firm answers about when they’d be able to dock. 

“I can’t do that,” Becca, the liaison officer told her.

“Becca, the other day I caught a couple having sex in the elevator. The elevator. People are losing their minds. We need to get people off the ship.”

“14 days. 14 days from when you last docked. With zero indication of the virus. Then you can dock again. That’s what the medical professionals say is safe. And, don’t dock in China. That’s just a hotbed right now.”

Adrienne groaned. How many days had it actually been? They’d skipped the second day in Singapore, nine, ten days ago?

“Let’s hope for an uneventful couple of days then,” Becca echoed her thoughts.

“Let’s hope. Otherwise my father will have a field day.” That was all she needed. Her dad to show up (again). 

“That crew member, the one who used to be your steward, how’s she doing?”

Adrienne sighed. “No signs of coronavirus if that’s what you’re asking. Still sick though. I’d really like to get her off the ship and to a hospital. All signs are pointing to some kind of chronic fatigue, and potentially glandular fever. We have her in isolation, but we’re not equipped to nurse her back to health here.”

“Five days. That’s it. Then you can dock in Oman and we’ll get her flown back to somewhere with better hospitals. I’ll make sure it’s all organized. Is she well enough to fly?”

“Right now? Probably. I don’t know how things will change in the next five days.”

Becca nodded. 

“You look awful, go get some rest.”

Adrienne nodded. It was pitch black outside her cabin, at 3:30 a.m. she was probably the only one aboard still awake aside from the crew on the bridge. 

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