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“You didn’t think I forgot our little Valentine’s Day tradition did you?” Pippa laughed as she took in the scene before her. She wiped sleep gunk from her eyes and tried to focus. 

“Valentine’s Day was yesterday.”

“Not in our time zone,” Yasmin reminded her.

“Okay, yes, I suppose that’s true. I’m not sure champagne and cheese is really an a.m. activity,” Pippa argued. “Where did you even get that stuff? It’s breakfast time?”

Yasmin shrugged. “Never you mind that. You go shower, put on something nice and I’ll get set up. Shall we start on the balcony and end in bed.”

“Don’t we always?” Pippa dragged herself upright and towards the bathroom, yawning as she went. 

“I like your thinking,” Yasmin called to her retreating back.

Twenty minutes later, dressed in the outfit Yasmin had left out for her, Pippa wandered back to their room to find it transformed. Pinks and reds were everywhere. Like the Hallmark channel threw up in their cabin. 

Yasmin was waiting on the balcony, silhouetted by the clear blue sky with champagne at her side, she looked every bit the trust fund baby they’d joked about being on their first date. 

Pippa pressed a kiss to her wife’s temple and slipped into the seat next to her. 

“Remember when champagne and cheese was just a dream?”

Pippa nodded. “Our first date neither of us could have managed champagne and cheese. But, I’m not sorry. That was the best first date I’ve been on.”

“Me too. Lucky, since it’s the last first date I’m ever going on,” Yasmin joked.

Pippa grabbed a thick slice of cheese and slid it onto a cracker; they’d talked about their perfect date back then and champagne and cheese had been their dream. Now, Pippa dreamed about those days when they had so little and dates usually meant a picnic in the park or dinner at home. Now, it seemed like they were always going somewhere or doing something. 

“Let’s have a picnic for lunch.” It was out of her mouth before she had time to think about it. 

“We’re on a boat.”

“I don’t know. Let me figure it out. I’ll find a way.”

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