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“Pip, I know we were meant to go do all that stuff we missed yesterday because we were shopping but… could we just stay here and watch a movie or something? I miss that.” Yasmin flopped back onto the bed where Pippa was still ensconced in a thick blanket. 

“I’ve missed that too. But we barely saw any of Bangkok.”

“Bangkok, schmangkok.” Yasmin leaned forward and pressed her lips to Pippa’s, a promise of what their day could hold.

Pippa leaned in, her tongue darting out to trace Yasmin’s lips before slipping inside. She pulled away suddenly.

“Hey, I’m not that easy.”

Yasmin shrugged. “Worth a try.”

“How’s this. I’ll go into Bangkok, you stay here and watch a movie.”

Yasmin pouted. “It’s no fun without you.”

“Well, if you want me. I’ll be in Bangkok. Who knows what fun I’ll have there. Maybe I’ll meet a nice Thai woman and divorce you. There’s really only one way to make sure I don’t.”

“Fine. Fine. I’m getting dressed.” Yasmin forced herself to her feet and into the bathroom. It had been a month with barely a chance to relax. They couldn’t keep going full steam or they’d burn out. She’d burn out. Maybe Pippa could handle it, but Yasmin needed a break. A day of doing absolutely nothing.

Pippa slipped into the bathroom behind her and engulfed Yasmin in a toasty hug.

“How about a compromise.” Yasmin inclined her head slightly to indicate she was listening. 

“How about, you come into Bangkok with me today, and tomorrow, we’ll do absolutely nothing all day. Call room service, stay in our pyjamas and do nothing but watch movies and cuddle.” 

Yasmin smiled, the kind of smile that lit up her entire face. “You have no idea how divine that sounds. Pippa grinned and dropped her tank top and underwear to the floor. 

“You want to join me?” she asked as she slipped into the shower cubicle.

“Like you need to ask.” 

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