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“Oi, Emma. What shore tour are we on today?” Mikaela paused halfway through getting dressed and strode into their tiny cabin without a shirt. 

Emma looked up from the vanity.

“I don’t remember.”

“I just wanted to know what to wear.” Something she should have considered before getting half dressed but hadn’t. 

Emma rifled through a stack of papers on the table, almost knocking over her open foundation in the process. 

“Oh, well… um… we don’t have a tour booked.”

“Em, you said you’d book them all this week.”

“Yeah, I thought I had. I guess I missed this one. It sounds so much like that other place we’re going.”


“Yeah. That one.”

Mikaela groaned. “They’re not even the same country.”

“I’m sorry. We could just go and see what we can find to do,” Emma suggested.

“Sure. Why not? What could go wrong?” Mikaela paused. “You best find me a beach. I want to lay in the sun and enjoy everything Cambodia has to offer.”
Emma paused her makeup routine. “We’re in Cambodia? I thought we were still in China.”

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