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Five days on the ship. Plus, four days before that of work. Yeah, Jess was officially ready for a night on the town. Even if none of the other crew wanted to go with her. 

The place Jess found was famous for its live music, by the time she got there, there was already a packed dance floor and a line for the bar. The place was filled with both men and women, but she immediately spotted a few she was sure would be interested. 

Jess was no stranger to the bar scene. She had two options, one grab a drink and find a girl to talk to and hope she was interested, or two, grab a drink and hit the dance floor and wait for someone to find her. 

She picked option two. Jess strutted onto the dance floor, drink in hand. WIth no idea what the words of the song actually meant, she began moving to the music, swaying her hips and arms in the tiny space she managed to carve out for herself. 

Her gamble paid off. Within a few minutes, one of the women she’d pegged as gay wandered up behind her and joined her dance. 

“I’ve been watching you. You’re hot.”

Jess turned, finding herself face to face with the woman who was a good two inches taller than her. 

“You’re not so bad yourself.” She gyrated her hips toward the other woman to punctuate her point. 

They settled into a rhythm, grinding against one another in the tiny area. The woman’s hands traveled over Jess’s body as much as possible in the small space. Jess moaned loudly, a sound drowned out by the woman singing on the small stage at the front of the bar. 

Without giving it much thought, Jess let her hands drift under the woman’s shirt and up to her chest. Finding no bra, she squeezed the warm flesh, kneading gently until her fingers brushed over the nippled. It hardened under her touch. It really had been too long. She needed release. 

The woman leaned in close and whispered in Jess’s ear, “I have a place nearby.”

Jess nodded, not trusting herself to speak. The woman grabbed her hand and maneuvered them back through the crowded bar and onto the marginally less crowded street. 

It was as she followed the woman into a side street that Jess realized she didn’t know the woman’s name. 

“I’m Jess,” she told her. 

“It’s okay. We don’t need to share names.”

Jess shivered. Her night was about to end incredibly well, or incredibly badly. She had no idea which. 

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