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“Be right back,” Gabi told Kara.

“But we’re about to start.” Lalannah called after her. Gabi ignored Lalannah. Her attention fully on the figure she’d seen entering the restaurant. 

“Baby Spice!” she called to the woman. Still with her blonde hair, but now it hung loose around her shoulders. 

The woman spun. “Oh hey, Sporty.”

“Real name is Gabi.”

“I’m Mikaela.” The woman threw her a charming smile. 

“I’ve been wondering. I was going to send you a little thank you, but I didn’t know your name which made it a bit difficult.”

“Well, that is not necessary, but I appreciate it. How are you?”

Gabi paused. “A lot better I think. Maybe we could grab a meal sometime?”

Mikaela smiled. “Sure, I’m here around this time every morning, you’re welcome to join me.”

“I think I’ll take you up on that.” Gabi watched as Mikaela smiled brightly and turned back to the buffet. For a moment, Gabi remained rooted to the spot, until a voice behind her pulled her out of it.

“Sporty? Baby Spice?” Kara laughed. “Who’s the girl?”

Gabi sighed. Pulled back to reality.

“I met her at the 90s party.”

“She’s cute,” Lalannah jumped in. 

“Could we get back to filming. It’s the last event,” Ruby cut in. 

Gabi tried to ignore her. It’s not like they were together anymore. 

“Yes, definitely. I need to kick some butt here.” Kara winked at Lalannah and settled into her seat at the large table. 

Every inch was covered with food, except the two corners where cameras were set up to capture the action. 

“3, 2, 1.” Gabi counted each number with her fingers, when she reached one, Ruby jumped in with an explanation of the final event.

“We’re here at the final event of the 2020 shiplympics. We saw the fantastic triathlon on day one, and already on day two we’ve seen a smashing basketball game and a trivia competition. Now, it’s time to see our contestants hit the buffet. Each competitor has 30 minutes to eat their way through as many plates as possible. We have a selection of plates here to kick things off. After that, it’s up to the competitors to grab their own plates. No skimping on the plate size, I’ll be watching.” 

Gabi was definitely rooting for Kara. The woman had been nothing but kind to her, Lalannah had been pretty standoffish. Gabi’s job was to man the third camera, getting plenty of footage of both of Lalannah and Kara, and the entire table as needed. Gabi watched as Kara shoved handfuls of lettuce into her mouth, followed by a stack of rapidly cooling bacon. On her right, Lalannah had started with the stack of pancakes. It was impossible to tell who was in front. Gabi blocked out Ruby’s commentary waiting to see if a clear winner would emerge. The timer counted down from thirty minutes, so Gabi didn’t need to pay too much attention. Her mind drifted to Baby Spice. Mikaela, she corrected herself. The stunning woman who had stood by her during her panic attack at the party. It was too soon to jump into another relationship, but some companionship sounded nice, and maybe some hot sex. Kara could be a great choice, but so could Mikaela. 

Would either of them be keen for a threesome? 

When she finally pulled herself from that thought, there were only five minutes left on the clock. Kara had finally made her way through the last of her table plates. Lalannah was still working through her last. Gabi made a move to follow Kara as she headed to the closest station. Some kind of chinese. She piled her plate with mostly veggies, and dashed back to the table, Gabi a few steps behind. 

As Gabi made it back to the table, Lalannah leapt to her feet and headed straight for the dessert bar. Gabi followed, grabbing some great footage as she grabbed a slice of sponge cake and trotted back to the table. 

“Things are really heating up. Kara is just a little ahead at this point. If one of our competitors can’t pull ahead, we’ll have another tiebreaker on our hands.”

Gabi hoped they wouldn’t. She was exhausted, and ready to sleep until Tuesday. 

“Oh, Kara is done with her plate already. She’s off for another. That’s six plates on her side. Lalannah looks to be slowing down. Maybe the cake wasn’t the best choice.”

Gabi saw Lalannah shrug but didn’t chase after Kara. She returned with a second plate of veggies. Gabi thought she might have sided with Lalannah and gone for the cake. 

“There are just two minutes left on the clock. If this goes to a tiebreaker it’ll be down to one final plate chosen by me.” Gabi groaned. Ruby was getting on her nerves. After two days of listening to her droning on, Gabi needed to get away. She cheered internally for Kara to finish her plate quicker than Lalannah, but Lalannah had sped up while Kara had slowed to a crawl. 

“Just twenty seconds left on the clock now. If Kara can finish this plate before the timer, she’ll be the 2020 Shiplympics winner.”

Gabi watched as Kara dug deep and pushed herself, forcing the last few stalks of broccoli into her mouth and chewing. Lalannah was on the cake, swallowing chunks of it barely chewed. 

“And that is time. It looks like Kara has scraped through with the win today.”

Kara smiled, but Gabi thought she was looking a little green. She motioned for Ruby to wrap things up. 

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Gabi cut the camera as soon as Ruby was done. 

“Okay babe, let’s get you back to your room.” Kara groaned. Gabi assumed Lalannah didn’t look much better. 

“Why did we think this was a good idea?” Kara complained. 

“Beats getting the coronavirus,” Ruby quipped. On that, Gabi and Ruby could agree.

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