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“You were right about this place, Pip. It’s magical.” Pippa tried not to look too pleased at Yasmin realizing she was right. 

“Yeah, it is pretty special.”

They had spent the morning wandering Zhangzhou Volcanic National Park, which had been interesting enough, but seeing Daimei Ancient Village was something else altogether. 

“It reminds me of those videos you like on YouTube. You know. The ones where people build stuff the old fashioned way.”

Pippa smiled. “The prehistoric construction videos. I watched him making bricks once.” Pippa looked out at the sea of red brick roofs. “These would have taken forever to make.”

“Right? I don’t think either of us would survive a day if we had to live like that.”

Pippa laughed. “We’d be Paris and Nicole living the simple life,” Pippa joked.

“I don’t do dead animals.”

“Do they sell like wall stuff at Walmart?” The pair of them fell into fits of laughter drawing attention from the rest of the guests. 

“Sorry.” Yasmin had the decency to look apologetic. 

“This may not be a sacred location but it does command a certain level of respect. I suggest that if you cannot behave in such a manner, perhaps you should leave.” Their guide scurried over to them with a speed that her tiny frame did not seem to support. 

Pippa nodded. “You’re right. We’re very sorry. I promise we’ll behave better.”

“Great. In that case, shall we continue the tour?” Pippa didn’t dare speak, she gave a curt nod and let other visitors filter past them before joining the back of the group. 

“All I remember from that show was the awful fashion. The early 2000s were not a good time to be young,” Yasmin whispered in her ear as they joined the back of the group. 

“No, but they were a great time to be a lesbian.” Pippa winked. Those denim mini skirts, the ultra low cut jeans, spaghetti straps, bandanas as shirts; all of it was perfect if you liked admiring women. 

“God yes. Maybe they’ll do a noughties night?” Yasmin looked hopeful. 

Pippa forced herself to banish the idea of Yasmin in one of those skimpy mini skirts from her head. 

“You’re thinking about it aren’t you. Me in a mini skirt?”

Pippa grinned. “Oh yeah. It’s pretty hot.”

“Don’t worry. I’m thinking about the same thing. Except you’re wearing one of those ridiculous not a shirt shirts.” Pippa blushed. She knew what Yasmin meant, way skimpier than the crop tops she saw the young girls wearing now. More of a scrap of material than a shirt. 

“And ugg boots.” The tour had stopped again. Pippa no longer had any idea what they were looking at. What she did know was that the trip back to the ship was going to be very long and a little uncomfortable. 

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