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Adrienne glared at the note in front of her. Dropped off by her temporary room attendant, Poppy. 

Sorry. Wish I could hang out today, but I’m busy. 

It wasn’t signed, but Adrienne knew it was from Cleo. It was a sea day and she’d already decided to take it off. Adrienne sighed. She might as well find something to do. For the first time in their three weeks at sea, she pulled out the Gay Old Times and flicked through looking for something to do. Sea days usually meant some extra activities. Her cruise director had a great eye for what people would enjoy. 

There was a show on in the theatre just like every night. Not that. A movie. Nope. Too much sitting around. She wanted to go out there and meet people. Trivia. Perfect. 

The theatre was about half packed when she got there. They were only using the bottom tier. Plenty of small groups had already formed. She took in the gathered people for a moment before catching sight of a gorgeous brunette laughing with her friends. Nobody seemed aware of who she was. The brunette woman smiled. 

“Mind if I join you? I don’t have a group?” She gave her best, most charming smile. 

The brunette woman considered for a moment. “You any good at trivia?”


She nodded. “Come on. I’m Maria.”

“Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Maria.” Adrienne settled comfortably into the seat next to Maria as the woman introduced her companions, names Adrienne tried to remember but they were gone before she’d even heard them. 

“We’ll get started in just a few moments,” came the voice of the Cruise Director, Sammy. 

Adrienne gestured for one of the waiters, the passengers didn’t know her, but the staff did. 

“Tequila sunrise, Jo.” She had to glance at his nametag as he approached to get the name, but she always made a point to use people’s names if she could. The woman nodded and disappeared up the stairs. 

“Welcome everyone! We have an exciting trivia session planned for today, so I hope everyone has been brushing up on their facts. If you don’t already have a group, go find one now. If you do, send one person from your group to come and grab a pencil and an answer sheet.”

Without prompting, Maria pressed past Adrienne and off to get the answer sheet. Adrienne made no secret of ogling the woman’s ass as she went. 

Once all the groups had settled Sammy began in earnest. Adrienne’s drink arrived, and she realized getting out of her room and onto the deck was just what she needed. 

“Our first topic for today is a fan favorite, but the questions are a little tougher today. You guys aced this topic last time we included it. So, today’s special topic is Cruiseify.” Sammy looked across the room to Adrienne. “Now, madam director, don’t you go answering all these questions. Give these other folks a chance.” Adrienne laughed and made a motion of sealing her lips. 

Meanwhile, Adrienne’s group fell into a slightly shocked silence. 

“You’re Adrienne McCoy?” Adrienne smiled.

“One and the same.”

“No way.”

“We are so going to ace this.”

“You’re hot.” 

Her trivia mates were quick to respond in hushed whispers, all except Maria who remained silent, her gaze focused on Adrienne. 

When the others had turned back to their chattering, she leaned into Adrienne and whispered, “Is it true what they say about you?”

Adrienne shrugged. “Depends what they’re saying.”

“That you’re a total player.”

Adrienne shrugged. “Play your cards right and you might find out.”

Maria laughed and turned her attention to Sammy who was beginning the round. Adrienne tried to ignore the uncomfortable roiling in her stomach. Flirting was practically a given for her and it usually felt good. Cleo. It was all Cleo’s fault. 

“Question 1. What year was Cruiseify founded?”

“I thought you said these were going to be hard?” Adrienne called out.

Sammy laughed. “Well, some of these folks don’t live and breathe cruises, McCoy.”

Sammy had been one of the closest things Adrienne had to a friend for years. She’d been working for Cruiseify since Adrienne was still in high school. 

Adrienne looked back to her team who were looking to her expectantly. 


Maria rushed to scribble down the answer. 

Sammy had already moved on. “What was the first cruise offered by Cruiseify?”

Adrienne groaned. When were the questions going to get difficult? 

By the end of round 1 her team was on full points and nobody else was even close to them. 

The next few rounds dropped back a little bit, but somewhere between round two and three, Maria’s hand drifted onto Adrienne’s thigh. Finding no resistance, she gave Adrienne a subtle wink and slid higher. The darkened theatre hid her movements and Adrienne’s accompanying blush. It was unusual for someone to take control with her. But not unenjoyable. 

Between round four and five, Maria leaned in close, nipped at Adrienne’s ear lobe and whispered, “I’m sure you’re used to getting your way. But tonight. I think it’ll be me getting my way.”

Adrienne’s entire body tingled. Cleo slipped from her mind entirely, replaced by the enigma of a woman sitting next to her. Because Adrienne didn’t doubt that it was true. The surprising part was that it sounded nice to yield control for once. Let Maria call the shots. 

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