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One thing Jessica hadn’t factored in when she got Poppy the job with Adrienne was the impact it would have on her life. Poppy’s irregular hours and the oncall nature of the job meant that even if their shared cabin was empty, there was always a chance Poppy would wander in at any time. Jessica might have worried less if she had the top bunk, but she had the bottom one, and the curtains could only hide so much. 

“Okay, I’m off. Do you need anything in Manila?” 

Poppy shook her head and leapt to her feet in the same motion. 

“Nope, nothing. You should get going. There’s a lot of Manila to see. And I should get ready for work.”

Poppy gave her a strange look but allowed herself to be almost pushed from their shared cabin into the narrow hallway. The moment the door shut behind Poppy, Jessica began a countdown. Two minutes. That was long enough for Poppy to come back if she’d forgotten anything. Any longer and it would be her own fault. 

Jessica glanced at the clock; Poppy had taken way too long to get organized. Poppy needed to be dressed and up at the cafe in thirty minutes, and it was at least a 10 minute walk from their cabin when you factored in all the unnecessary twists and turns the strange layout of the crew area added. 

Two minutes and ten seconds after Poppy had left, Jessica was completely naked and hidden behind the privacy curtain on her bunk. She wasted no time. One hand strayed to her clit, flicking at the little bundle of nerves, the other pinched her nipple. A tiny moan escaped her lips. It had been too long. Too long since someone touched her in that way. Too long since she’d gotten to know herself in that way. She reached for the dildo hidden at the back of her underwear drawer, followed by the tiny bullet vibrator. She prayed to whoever was listening that the batteries were still good. 

Jess let her mind wander to her favorite celebrities, a slideshow of faces began in her mind, but each one slid by without gripping her attention. She tried for any of her favorite fantasies. Those slid by without grabbing her attention either, even the twelve woman orgy where she was the main attraction. Her fingers danced over her nipples, down her stomach, flicked her clit, dipped between her folds and inside. She needed to hurry or she’d be late for work. 

She swapped her fingers for the dildo still searching her mind for something that held her attention. Adrienne McCoy popped into her head unbidden. The nautical playgirl herself. Any other time, Jess would have stopped to analyze why Adrienne McCoy was showing up in her fantasies, but there was no time. She went with it. Embraced the strange scene playing out in her head. 

Adrienne was at her desk, wearing nothing but a baggy old t-shirt. Jess was completely naked. 

“Baby, you promised we could have a sauna tonight.”

Adrienne glanced up, a hungry look spread across her face. 

“I did. And how could I say no to such a stunning woman?”

She rose from her desk and crossed the room in three confident strides, shedding her t-shirt on the way. 

With sure fingers, Jess rubbed her clit, working the dildo with her other hand, the fullness helped. 

The scene changed and they were in the sauna, Adrienne’s hands were all over Jess, probing her most intimate areas. Her tongue left hot trails as it traveled the length of Jess’s body. 

Heat rose in Jess’s cheeks, she grabbed for the bullet urgently. She flicked it straight to the fastest setting and pressed it to her already sensitive clit. Her body clenched around the dildo still pressed within her and her entire body followed it. Every muscle contracted at once forcing her into a moment of stillness before the release that flooded through her. Her muscles spasmed for a few moments, but she couldn’t find the energy to move, even though she knew it was time for work. Finally, glancing at the clock she realized she was already late. Throwing on her uniform she forced her body to behave. The wetness between her legs would have to be dealt with later. As would the confusing thoughts of Adrienne McCoy.

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