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“This island is amazing. I wish we could stay here forever.” Kara sidled up next to her and slipped into the empty beach chair next to her. Gabi had been content to enjoy catching up on her reading in between dipping her feet into the ocean. Around her, she knew others were engaging in all sorts of water activities on the tiny private island, but she didn’t need any of that. A smile spread across her face at the sight of Kara though. 

“It’s so nice just to run and dip my feet in the water whenever I want,” Gabi admitted. “I love the ship, but sometimes I look down at the water and just want to be in it. Is that crazy?”

Kara laughed. “Not crazy. But you do know there are like five pools on the ship right?”

“Yeah, but pools aren’t the same.”

Kara looked out at the perfect turquoise water and watched it gently lapping at the sand for a few moments before answering. “No, I suppose it’s not.”

Gabi watched the gentle waves a little longer, part of her hated that they’d have to head back to the ship in a few hours. She could have spent days on the little island. 

“Did you get some good shots?” she asked Gabi, remembering her work from the day before. 

“Yeah, we went out on the banana boat thing earlier and got some footage of that. Did some snorkelling, lazed about in the hammocks, now we’re having some lunch.”

“Geez, you’ve done a lot. I’ve just been reading.”

Kara blushed a little. “I know. I’ve been glancing at you whenever I can. You’ve always got your head in a book though. I figured I’d come say hi.”

Gabi sighed. “My ex always told me I spent too much time with my head buried in a book.”

“Well I think it’s cute. Clearly dumping your ex was a great idea. You did dump her right?”

Gabi nodded. She didn’t really want to get into her relationship with Ruby with this woman she’d known for a whole two days. 

“You keep saying we, you mean your friend you talked about yesterday?”

“Yeah.” Kara nodded. “And some girl she met the other day.” Kara gestured toward a cluster of hammocks at the edge of the treeline. 

Gabi followed her gaze to a pair of women, one of them lazing about in a tiny pink bikini, the other in a pair of familiar board shorts and a hawaiaan shirt. She burst into a fit of laughter and glanced back to Kara. 

“Looks like your friend met my ex.”

“Ruby? You and Ruby used to date?” Kara glanced between the pair of them, finally settling her gaze on Gabi. “Man, I would not have picked that.”

Gabi shrugged. Having circled back to the very topic she wanted to avoid, she had no words. 

“Well, I’m done with work for the day. You wanna go snorkelling with me?”

Gabi looked to Ruby for a minute, her attention was fixed on Kara’s friend in the pink bikini.

“I thought you already went snorkelling?”

Kara winked. “Lucky for you that means I know all the best spots.”

Gabi flipped the cover over her Kindle and dropped it back in her bag. 

“You know, snorkelling sounds nice actually.”

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