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“I don’t think gay cocktails were a good idea,” Yasmin wobbled her way down their hallway trying to keep her balance. 

Pippa laughed. “I think you mean day cocktails.” 

“That’s what I said.” Pippa grabbed the wall for support, and Yasmin watched as the whole world seemed to go out of focus, a fog spreading through her brain. 

“Sure.” Pippa grabbed Yasmin’s hand and attempted to lead her further down the hallway where all the doors looked the same. What room number was theirs anyway? Her brain dropped that thought as quick as it entered, instead focusing on the warm body pressed up against her. Pippa. Mmm, Pippa’s breasts. Without thinking, she reached out and pressed her entire palm flat against one of her favorite parts of her wife. She frowned. Something was in the way. Fumbling a little as the world spun again, she reached out her hand for the fabric of Pippa’s shirt, trying desperately to unbutton it. Yasmin glared at the offending buttons, they simply wouldn’t cooperate. With a forceful yank she pulled the shirt open, buttons scattered across the hallway, but Yasmin’s attention was focused entirely on Pippa’s bare chest. 

“What’cha doing?” Pippa asked with a smile. Yasmin looked up, their eyes meeting for a moment.

“I wanted boob.”

“I got that.” Pippa laughed, her chest bouncing a little and drawing Yasmin’s attention again.

Yasmin wasted no time shoving her face into Pippa’s chest and capturing one of the pink nipples. A slight gasp urged her on. Clumsily, she sucked the little nub, biting down a little in the way she knew Pippa loved. 

“Ouch, gentle,” Pippa reminded. Yasmin bit down again, trying to be gentler. A soft moan escaped Pippa’s lips. 

“You know we have a perfectly good bed, right?” Yasmin’s only answer was to push Pippa hard against the wall, pinning her as she transferred her attention to the other nipple. 

That moan again. A soft purr started in her own chest, the telltale wetness between her legs. 

As Yasmin lavished attention on the perfect hardened nipples in front of her, she loosened her grip on Pippa’s wrists unconsciously. When Pippa flipped them and pressed her against the wall, her only complaint was the interruption to her nipple time. Pippa used her body to pin Yasmin and slipped both hands under the simple t-shirt. 

She leaned in close and nipped at Yaz’s ear. “What do you think? Should I ruin your shirt like you did mine? Rip it off you?” Yaz whimpered, her eyes drifted closed. 

“You know. Maybe I’ll just give it to the next woman who walks by.” Pippa laughed, but her featherlight touch as she trailed her fingers up Yaz’s side made Yaz’s knees weak. She used her wife to steady herself, shivering slightly as the cool air hit her bare skin. 

“I’ve missed this,” Pippa admitted as she pulled the t-shirt over her wife’s head and dropped it to the ground. 

Yasmin groaned in response, her brain focused on the dual tasks of remaining upright, listening to Pippa, and enjoying her tongue. Wait, that was three things.

Pippa’s tongue began a trail that started at Yaz’s earlobe and traveled down her collarbone taking one solid nippled between her lips on the way down to her hip. 

Somewhere, a noise registered in Yasmin’s mind, but she couldn’t worry herself with a fourth thing so she returned to the first three. In the back of her mind, it occurred to her to try to hide her bare chest, but in reality, she couldn’t bear the idea of telling Pippa to stop. The voices grew closer. 

“Shit, you were right. They’re having sex in the hall.” Rather than stopping, Pippa’s tongue on Yasmin’s nipple sped up its activity drawing a deep moan and arched back from Yaz. 

She whimpered as Pippa pulled away from her nipple and rose up to nip her ear. 

“Don’t look now. But, I’m pretty sure we have an audience,” Pippa whispered.

Yaz tried to nod, but found her muscles wouldn’t listen, the brain fog continued, everything had a kind of fuzziness to it. 

“Maybe you should give them a show,” she managed to choke out. 

“Yeah?” Pippa’s fingers made quick work of the button on Yasmin’s jeans. “I was considering asking them to join us,” Pippa added. Without waiting for a response she buried her hand between Yasmin’s legs dipping into her soaked underwear. Yasmin moaned in response, loud enough to draw a giggle from their onlookers. 

“Guess you liked that idea.” Yasmin had no idea what idea Pippa was asking about, but she was sure she’d like it.

With her free hand, Pippa made quick work of yanking Yaz’s jeans down, leaving them in a pool around her ankles. 

“Okay babe, let’s show these ladies what you’re made of.” Yaz jerked, under Pippa’s skilled hands, thumb circling her clit as her fingers slipped inside silky folds. 

“More,” Yaz groaned. 

Pippa increased the speed of her movements without hesitation, Yaz’s eyes fluttered open for a moment. It was no longer two women watching them but several heads popped out of rooms along the hallway and another couple, she made brief eye contact with the first couple before her eyes slipped shut again as Pippa’s tongue found her nipple again. 

The familiar warmth spread through her body, and it was followed soon after by the delicious spasm of her muscles. Even as she cried Pippa’s name, her wife was caressing her thigh and bringing her back to reality gently. She couldn’t hold herself up, her entire weight was being held by Pippa and the wall. The wall and Pippa. 

When her breathing slowed to normal, Pippa released some of her weight, leaving her to lean against the wall. 

“I’m Pippa, this is my wife Yaz. Thanks for coming to our show, and you folks, enjoy your day.” Pippa gave a bow and Yaz mustered up a lazy wave before pulling her jeans back up to her hips.

“There’s the Yaz I know and love.” Pippa gave her a little tap on the butt as she maneuvered them down the hall and out of sight. 

“Mmhmm. We should do that more often,” Yaz admitted as they finally reached their room, the crowd had dispersed quickly once it was clear the show was over. 

“Definitely. It’s been too long.”

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