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“I hope you’re all ready to Spice Up Your Life as we’re here tonight bringing you all the hit songs of the 90s, from a time when Ellen was straight, there was no Poker Face, no Taylor Swift and no Beyonce. Tonight, it’s all about baby Britney, TLC, and of course the Spice Girls.” Gabi already regretted going to the party. It had seemed like a good idea when she saw it in Days O’ Gay, and she loved the 90s so it seemed perfect. Turned out going to a  party alone was way less fun. 

One hour. She’d stay one hour.

“I’m seeing some great costumes out there, keep an eye out for the ladies in the blue t-shirts, they’re our judges. They also have some super cool prizes for anyone who can answer their trivia questions.” A sea of cheers rang out. Gabi forced herself to join in. 

“And I’m sure you’re all here for the music, so let’s get this party started.”

Gabi’s mood improved slightly as the opening chords of No Scrubs rang out. Plenty of people jumped straight into dancing. Gabi jumped straight in line for the bar. 

“Love your costume.” Gabi ignored the voice, her halfway thought out Mel C costume was hardly inspiring. 

“Mel C, right?” The voice again. 

Gabi turned, she found herself face to face with a pair of blonde pigtails. A near perfect replica of Baby Spice. 

“Yeah. Baby Spice?”

The woman nodded, her pigtails bouncing with the movement.

“What can I get you?” the bartender interrupted any reply Gabi might have been able to come up with. 

“I’ll have a gin and tonic.” She turned to Baby Spice. “What about you?”

“Gin and tonic too, but I think we should start this party off right. Shots? What do you say?”

Gabi grinned, turned out Baby Spice was not so innocent after all. “Two tequila shots.”

The bartender nodded and began pouring their drinks. 

“I just love the 90s.” The woman began dancing around, at least as much as she could in the cramped bar area.

Gabi nodded her agreement, a smile crept onto her face, some of the enthusiasm from Baby Spice rubbing off on her.

Two shots of tequila appeared on the bar, Gabi regretted her decision immediately. Even the smell of it made her feel a bit ill. Baby Spice had no such misgivings, she leaned in close, reaching past Gabi to grab her shot. Gingerly, Gabi grabbed the second glass. 

“The Spice Girls!” the girl yelled as their glasses clinked together. 

“Spice Girls!” Gabi echoed, somewhat less enthusiastically. Gabi forced herself to down the alcohol in one mouthful. 

“Two more of those,” Baby Spice signaled the bartender as she slammed her shot glass down.

Gabi reached for her gin and tonic trying to force the tequila from her taste buds, instead she ended up with a disgusting mix of alcohols. 

The second shot appeared in front of her just as a huge cheer rose up from the crowd. Shania Twain’s Man, I Feel Like a Woman filled the dance floor. Baby Spice joined in enthusiastically. This time there was no cheers, just the downing of her shot between verses. Gabi downed the liquid, already concerned by how easy it had become. The room felt too warm. Everything simultaneously too dark and too bright. Ruby had always known what to do in times like this. 

“Two more.” Baby Spice was completely oblivious.

“I need to grab some air,” Gabi choked the words out, her senses suddenly overwhelmed. 

“I’ll keep you company.”

Gabi didn’t have the energy to say no, instead she pushed her way through the crowd to the door she knew led outside.

Someone threw the door open to enter as Gabi pushed her way out. Ruby. That was just what she didn’t need.

“You okay?” Gabi shook her head.

“Not now.”

Ruby nodded. The cool air helped a lot, and Gabi felt some of the overwhelm disappear. Her face still felt hot, but the rest of her body returned to normal.

“Just, get her some water. The air helps too. And rub her back.” Gabi waved Ruby away, even as she kept giving instructions to Baby Spice. 

Baby Spice hovered somewhere near her left shoulder.

“What happened?”

“It was just… too loud. It happens sometimes. Bit of sensory overload. That’s all.”

Baby Spice laid a gentle hand on Gabi’s shoulder.

“I get that.”

“You should go back in. I’ll come back in a minute.”

“I have to make sure you’re okay.”

“It’s okay. We just met. You can go.” Gabi sank into one of the deck chairs, her legs suddenly feeling weak. 

“You know, we don’t have to go back. We could go to my room?” 

“No, you love the 90s.” Gabi felt immediately guilty. All she knew about Baby Spice was how much she loved the 90s.

“I mean, I love sex more than the 90s.” Baby Spice shrugged.

Gabi laughed, hard. Once she started, she couldn’t stop.

“At least you’re honest.”

In truth, Gabi didn’t know if she was attracted to Baby Spice beyond the instant guttural knowledge that this was an attractive woman, but she did know the idea of going back to the party with Ruby there sounded awful. 

“You know. Why not?”

“Great. Besides, it’s always been my dream to fuck Mel C.”

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