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Yasmin Hollondaise could hardly believe how beautiful the Great Barrier Reef had been. She sighed as Pippa massaged shampoo deeo into her scalp, washing Way the salty water from their snorkelling trip. 

“You happy to just go to the restaurant for dinner? We never made reservations anywhere.” 

Yasmin sighed again. “Right now, I couldn’t care less about food. Just keep doing that and we can skip dinner altogether.”

Pippa laughed. “Well, I’m starving. You can have one more minute then I’m washing it out.”

“Fine.” Yasmin tilted her head back, one arm stretched behind her and searching for her wife’s skin. Her fingers made contact, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from Pippa.

“You’re trying to distract me.” 

“Is it working?”

“No.” Pippa’s fingers stilled their scalp massage. Yasmin laughed.

“Yep, clearly not working.”

Pippa stepped to the left and Yasmin’s hand was forced away from the smooth skin.

“Head under the water.” 

Yasmin whimpered. Pippa laughed.

“Hurry up. I’m starving.” Yasmin sighed and dipped her head into the warm stream of water.

“How do you feel about going to that show after dinner?”

“Which one?” Yasmin asked absently.

“You know, it was in that newsletter thing. It’s in the main theatre.”

“What’s it about?” 

Pippa shrugged. “Who cares? I’ll wear that dress you like. And we don’t have to be anywhere in the morning.”

“The purple one with the…” Pippa nodded.

“Okay. I’m in.”

“Good. Now hurry up.”

Yasmin rubbed at her scalp trying to remove any leftover shampoo. Once she was satisfied, she dressed a thick wad of conditioner into her dark hair and turned back to find her wife shampooing her own hair.

“Aaw, I was just about to do that.”

“Told you to hurry up,” Pippa said with a grin.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

“Yeah, there’s this girl and she tells me every day.”

Yasmin took in the foamed up red hair, freckled cheeks and arms, cute button nose, and dorky smile. Then her gaze traveled further to Pippa’s beyond perfect breasts, they seemed to defy gravity in a way that drew Yasmin in. The cute belly, rounded just a little in a way that was simultaneously soft and inviting, but also solid and strong.

“More rinsing, less staring.” Pippa slapped her playfully on the shoulder.

“Yes, I know. Dinner.”

The prompting didn’t help, Yasmin was still standing in the warm spray when Pippa disappeared back to the bedroom to get dressed. It was the disappearance of that very round butt that finally spurred her into action. 

Even so, by the time she managed to rinse the conditioner and tear herself from the warmth, Pippa was already dressed. 

“You are stunning.” Something about the purple dress always got her attention, it was a simple wrap dress but hugged Pippa in all the right ways. A wrap dress that cinched at the waist and flowed down to her knees, the dip in the front was just high enough to be appropriate work attire but low enough to get Yasmin imagining the perky breasts beneath. 

“So are you. But how about we get dressed, then when we get back we can explore this better.”

Yasmin nodded her agreement and shimmied into a fresh set of underwear. She agonized over whether to wear a dress or a nice pair of slacks, eventually she settled on the royal blue dress that complemented Pippa’s purple one. Where Pippa’s dress was appropriate for almost any occasion from parent teacher interviews to fancy dinner or family barbeque, Yasmin’s looked like it belonged on a tropical beach. Under normal circumstances it was barely fancy enough for a casual dinner, but Yasmin pulled it off in a way others couldn’t. Her amber skin and her dark Arabic features, paired with her confident swagger sent a clear message that the outfit was right. 

“Might I escort you to dinner, my lady?” Yasmin dropped into an over the top curtsy and Pippa fought a laugh as she took the proffered hand. 

“Why, what a delightful offer.”

Yasmin led her wife to the elevator, arms linked.

“You two are adorable,” a younger woman called to them as they passed in the hallway. 

Pippa snuggled closer. 

“We are pretty cute.” Yasmin whispered as they waited for the elevator to close.

“We are.”

The restaurant was packed. But it was the kind of packed that left a smile on Yasmin’s face. At every table it was women, some in pairs, others in groups, all of them having a great time. 

A waiter led them through to a table right at the back of the restaurant, a perfect view of Cairns in the distance as they sailed away. 

Pippa smiled coyly. “I was going to wait until after dinner, but I think it’ll be more fun this way.” Yasmin waited for her wife to continue. That smile usually meant trouble. 

“I’m not wearing any underwear.” Big trouble. Huge.

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