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“I’m Kirsty James, and I’m here in Brisbane, Australia today with Adrienne McCoy.” Adrienne smiled, nervously waiting for her turn to speak. Why had she bothered to say yes to the stupid interview.

“Right now, we’re standing on her cruise ship which is being loaded with thousands of kilograms of food and drink in preparation for its departure on a 365 day world cruise.”

Kirsty paused, her eyes flicking first to the camera then to Kirsty, a smile meant to be encouraging but instead reminding Adrienne why she needed to get off the mainland and spend a year as far from girls like Adrienne as possible.

“Ms. McCoy has offered to give us a glimpse into Sapphire Ocean’s most luxurious rooms and features before this first of its kind voyage. But, before we get into that, I wanted to ask you, what made you decide to dl this?”

“Thanks Kirsty, as you might be aware I’m the owner operator of Cruiseify, a company started many years ago by my father. I spent a lot of time growing up on ships like this one, I love the ocean and there is nothing like spending an extended time on what amounts to a floating palace. So why not share that experience with 600 of my closest friends.” Adrienne was careful to throw in a wide grin at the end of her statement to punctuate the point. 

“Yes of course, but that’s the other thing that makes this particular cruise special, can you tell me more about it?”

This was the part that always had people saying she was crazy. 

“Well, we’ve named this particular cruise Pride 365, and one of the things that makes it so unique is that it’s a women’s only cruise, and yes, that does mean lesbians, though I’ve been told a few of the women coming along also identify as bisexual.”

“So you’re telling me that not only is this the first 365 day cruise, it’s also composed entirely of women?”

“That’s right.” Adrienne tried to ignore the casual hand laid on her forearm by Kirsty, but the touch was electric.

“We’ll be back shortly with a tour of the ship, but it seems one day women really will rule the world if Adrienne McCoy has anything to do with it. 

“And cut.” One comment from the producer and Adrienne dropped the fake smile plastered across her cheeks and searched for somewhere to escape.

“That was great. You look fantastic on camera.” Kirsty trotted over to her, her blonde hair bounced in a tight bun with every step. 

“Thanks.” Adrienne grabbed her water bottle, a reusable Cruiseify bottle—always be branding—and took a long sip.

“You know, I’ve never been with a woman before.”

Adrienne choked slightly on her water, coughing as she tried desperately to swallow. It was a phrase she’d heard plenty of times before and always preceded an offer for sex. At least in Adrienne’s experience.

“Is that so?” Kirsty sidled a little closer, a hint of fruitiness filled Adrienne’s nostrils.

“Yes, I’ve kind of wanted to try it.” Adrienne took a deep breath, more of the fruity scent filling her nostrils. She needed to get away from this woman, blonde, beautiful, and straight was just Adrienne’s type. 

“Excuse me for a moment, I just saw my assistant and I need to speak with her.” Adrienne didn’t wait for a response before crossing the deck to find her assistant Amelia. She fought the urge to glance back and check out the gorgeous blonde reporter. At the last second, she failed. Kirsty smiled back at her as if she’d already gotten what she wanted. In that moment, Adrienne agreed. She imagined what it would be like to strip the crisply pressed blue blazer from Kirsty’s shoulders and expose expanses of tanned Australian skin. She looked to the woman’s long tanned legs and imagined more of that, including perky little nipples. Her brown eyes met Kirsty’s blue eyes from across the deck and a smirk told Adrienne that Kirsty knew exactly what she was thinking about. 

“Damnit,” she muttered as she reached Amelia. 

“Hey Boss, you need me?”

“Yeah, just… run me through the schedule for today quickly?” Adrienne fixed her gaze on Amelia, resolutely ignoring the news reporter even though she could still feel eyes on her. 

Amelia nodded. “The film crew is grabbing some B roll of the ship and you’ll lead Ms. James around the ship and talk about the different features of it as you go. It’s meant to be pretty casual, shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. Then you have the dinner with the VIP guests this evening.”

Adrienne sighed. “That’s what I was afraid of. Damnit.”

“You don’t want to do the dinner? They’ve already been vetted. All prominent Youtubers, Instagrammers, and the like.”

“No, not that. The dinner is fine.” Amelia furrowed her brow. 

“Is there something wrong with Ms. James?”

Adrienne sighed again. “She wants to… have sex with me.”

Adrienne glared at Amelia as a tiny giggle tumbled out of her. “So, what’s the problem? You have sex with a different woman at least a couple of times a week.”

“She’s straight.”

Amelia gave her a pat on the shoulder. 

“Just a couple of hours and you’ll never see her again.”

“True. It’d be easier if I wasn’t so damn attracted to her.”

“I need to deal with some deliveries. Be nice!” Amelia disappeared through the doors at the end of the deck calling the last part over her shoulder just as the doors closed. 

Adrienne turned back to where she’d last seen Kirsty James, the blonde wasn’t there, but it didn’t take long to find her. She stood against the side of the deck, leaning down to get a look at the pier below. 

Adrienne smiled, taking in the perfect roundness of her ass as she crossed the deck and leaned next to her, close enough that their arms brushed. Her stomach flip flopped.

“Enjoying the view?”

Kirsty turned to her. “A lot more not that you’re here.”

“Well, I certainly enjoyed the view walking over here.” 

“I saw you looking at me before.”

“Yes… well… let’s get the tour started.”

Kirsty’s lips turned up slightly as she gestured for the cameraman to follow them. 

Adrienne continued the subtle dance as the pair turned to face the cameraman, her hand brushing against Kirsty’s skirt clad thigh as lightly as possible. 

“I think we should begin with the main areas, the dining room, gym, main pool, then we can finish off by checking out a couple of the different rooms.”

“I’d enjoy that very much.” Kirsty’s arm brushed deliberately over Adrienne’s, Adrienne threw her an encouraging smile. She was in dangerous waters. 

“The main restaurant is down on deck 2, but we have our casual dining on this deck, if you’ll follow me.”

Kirsty put her hand out to gesture Adrienne forward. 

“That sounds lovely.”

Once they were set up in the dining area, the cameraman gestured for Kirsty to begin, this time her hand barely left Adrienne’s arm, like some kind of weird extension of her body. 

“We’re here with Adrienne McCoy in Sarah, the place to be for casual dining if you’re aboard Pride 365, Cruiseify’s year long cruise setting sail on January 2nd from Brisbane.”

“Sarah is one of my favorite places on the whole ship. It always has such a casual atmosphere to it. It’s a nice place to have lunch, or read a book, or even get some work done for people like me who can’t switch off from their job.” 

“And what about the menu? What type of food can your passengers get here?” The ever present hand was still warm against her bare arm. 

“There are plenty of options, during the day this is a great place to grab some coffee and a quick snack, we do lots of pastries here, all baked on the ship of course. At meal times, we focus on lighter meals like focaccias, salads, quiches. Anything you might expect to find in your local cafe.”

“That sounds delicious. And can you talk about the name?”

Adrienne laughed. “Of course, those were my idea. We’ve renamed a lot of these rooms in preparation for Pride 365. A lot of our rooms are named for LGBT icons. There is still some discussion about which Sarah this one is named after, so I’m not going to spill the beans just yet. You can speculate yourselves.” 

Kirsty looked to the camera, though her hand remained glued to Adrienne’s arm. 

“That’s right folks. You heard it here first, if you think you know which Sarah the cafe is named after, drop us a line.”

They moved through the ship quickly after that, finishing the tour on deck 5 with the gold suites.

“This is… wow!” Adrienne smiled watching as Kirsty explored the luxurious suite. It was one of the largest on the ship with a wrap around balcony, separate living area, and all the nicest fixtures. 

“My apartment was smaller when I lived in New York,” Adrienne joked.

“It’s way nicer than my apartment,” Kirsty admitted. 

“Oh, this bed!” Kirsty trailed her fingers over the perfect white comforter, coming around to meet Adrienne near the bathroom. 

“Don’t tell anyone, but my bed is actually bigger.”

“Ooh, maybe you could show me?”

If anything, Kirsty had become bolder as the afternoon wore on. It was getting harder to say no, though Adrienne ultimately knew her fate was sealed the moment Kirsty had smiled at her.


“Great. Let’s finish this off quickly.”

Adrienne ushered Kirsty out of the bedroom and back to the living area. Away from temptation.

“We’re here at our final stop for the day, where a lucky couple of residents will spend their year at sea. This is the gold suite. Aptly named if you ask me. Everything here looks like it’s straight out of a catologue.”

“All of our rooms are made to feel luxurious, you’ll notice that we have fewer rooms than many of the cruise ships around today. That’s because our rooms are a little larger than most ships. We have fewer passengers and more features.”

“That’s great. Just how many passengers do you have?”

“Great question, we can accommodate up to 800, but we have fewer scheduled for Pride 365 as there are plenty of people with single occupancy rooms.”

“Well, I’m envious of anyone who gets to spend a year at sea, but even more so because they’ll have you as company.”

“That’s very kind of you to say, and yes, I’m going to be cruising alongside our passengers on this inaugural cruise for the entire duration and running the company from the ocean.”  

“Just don’t forget to take a break and see the sights occasionally.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make plenty of time for that.”

“Cut.” Kirsty waited for the cameraman to stop recording before turning to Adrienne. 

“Still want to show me your room?”

Adrienne grinned. “Only if you think you’re ready for it.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve been thinking about it.”

“Follow me.” Adrienne gripped Kirsty’s hand, enjoying the feeling of soft fingers wrapping around hers. 

Adrienne led Kirsty up to deck 7, their hands entwined. 

“There is only one of these suites on the entire ship. It’s called the Sapphire Suite, after the ship. If you liked the gold suites, you’ll love this.”

Adrienne swiped her room card and pushed the door, ushering the pair into the entrance hall. She’d had it painted a navy blue, each room had a feature wall in the same shade making the entire place remind her of the ocean. 

“Wow. I’m torn between asking you for the tour and asking you to take me to your room.”

Adrienne laughed. “How about we compromise. You lose a piece of clothing for every new room. And we’ll end with the bedroom.”

Kirsty smiled and stepped out of her shoes, leaving them neatly next to the door.

“Okay, this is the entrance hall obviously.” The pair rounded the corner as Adrienne continued speaking. “This is my main living area and my office.” She gestured to the huge sofa and pair of armchairs on their right, and the bookcases and desk on the left.” Adrienne looked to her guest expectantly.

The blue blazer dropped to the floor leaving Kirsty standing in the living room in her skirt and white camisole. Adrienne grinned, her plan was working perfectly, she took a moment to glance at the newly exposed skin and admire Kirsty’s tanned arms before continuing on. 

“This is my dining area.” She took in the eight seater table which she barely used, it was mostly there for when she needed to entertain. She tried to avoid using it.

She waited as the reporter shimmied out of the blue skirt that matched her blazer. 

Long muscled legs appeared before her, still covered by a thin pair of pantyhose.

Kirsty crossed the room taking in the view from the floor length windows that covered the far wall of the room. 

“The view is amazing when you’re out at sea, but I love it once we dock and I can look out at the place we’re visiting and see it.”

“I can imagine.”

Adrienne watched as Kirsty passed her and pressed against the glass, her ass was covered only by the thin pantyhose and a blue thong. Adrienne longed to touch it, but she forced herself to wait.

“Next we have the pantry, and the guest toilet.”

Adrienne led her guest the back of the room, the pantry sat on the right and the toilet on the left. The pantry was bigger than it needed to be considering the suite had no kitchen, but it held a few snacks for her to keep her going whenever the kitchen was closed.

Adrienne waited patiently for two more items of clothing to disappear from Kirsty’s figure as they stood nose to nose in the tiny pantry.

“I don’t know if I’d call this a room. It’s more of a cupboard.” Kirsty argued. Adrienne breathed in her fruity scent and found herself agreeing, more of a cupboard than a room. 

“Besides, why am I the one taking off all the clothes?”

“Okay, that’s a fair point. I’ll take this one, and the bathroom.”

Adrienne dropped her shoes and then socks onto floor outside the rooms. 

“Much better.”

Adrienne led her guest back past the study and living area, stopping briefly at a room she rarely entered. 

“This is the wet room.”

This time she did wait for Kirsty to remove an item. In one motion the white camisole dropped to the ground leaving a lacy white bra in its place. The woman before her was a vision of beauty. 

“You haven’t even seen the best part yet.” Adrienne wasn’t sure if she was telling Kirsty or herself.

“No, you haven’t taken me to the bedroom.”

“I have something better.”

She led Kirsty across the living room pressing a button on the wall when they got there. The curtains covering the wall slid back, slowly revealing a large deck that looked over the docks.
Adrienne clicked the door open and strode out waiting to see if Kirsty would follow. She was not disappointed. Kirsty took two confident strides and rolled her pantyhose down until she could step out of them. Adrienne dropped into one of the deck chairs and watched Kirsty, transfixed by the beauty before her.

“This deck is great.” Kirsty leaned forward giving Adrienne a perfect view of her perky breasts, the nipples stood hard even in the warm summer air of Brisbane.

She fought the urge to touch the woman before her, even though she knew her touch would be welcomed. 

“We could just stay here and finish the tour later?” Kirsty suggested.

Adrienne caved.

She reached out a hand and pressed it firmly to Kirsty’s stomach, sliding the fingers around until they rested on Kirsty’s hip. 

She urged the woman closer, pressing gently until her lips were a breath away. In one final movement Adrienne leaned up and captured her prey. The kiss was delicious, a slight hint of coffee combined with Kirsty’s fruity scent. She pressed her free hand up brushing her index finger across a taut nipple. The lacy fabric left little to the imagination. A moan slipped from Kirsty’s lips. 

“You’re overdressed.” A whisper as they pulled apart for just a moment. Adrienne reached for Kirsty’s breast with her mouth but the woman scooted back. 

“Shirt. Off.” She waited but Adrienned didn’t move. “Now.”

Adrienne complied, lifting the tight shirt over her head. 

“Much better.” This time when Adrienne leaned forward, she didn’t step away. 

Through the fabric, Adrienne bit and nipped at the nipple taking her time to catalogue Kirsty’s reactions. She moaned every time Adrienne bit on her nipple, more so when she held it there. A hard pinch of the other nipple left a grin on Adrienne’s face. Suddenly, she was happy she’d succumbed to the desire for this woman. She’d turned out to be far more interesting than Adrienne could have guessed.

“Can I?” Adrienne pulled back and gestured vaguely toward Kirsty’s blue panties. 

“Please.” Kirsty stood, and the last two items of clothing standing between her and a naked Australian were removed. It was every bit as amazing as she’d imagined.

“You’re beautiful.”

Kirsty melted forward, her body folding into Adrienne’s. Adrienne wasted no time now that the final barriers were removed. She dropped her hand down to Kirsty’s thigh and sliding it closer to her goal. She teased the heated flesh, feeling a very welcomed wetness as she delved inside. 

Her fingers slid deep within Kirsty’s warm folds, her thumb circling the woman’s clit. Her free hand kneaded a rounded breast, tweaking the nipple as the pair met in a heated kiss. 

She swallowed every moan Kirsty let out, the vibration between them a constant hum, her own wetness called for attention.

Adrienne sped up her movements, the woman above her was like putty. With every movement, she came closer to release. With every movement, Adrienne urged her on. Finally, with a hard bite to her nipple, she collapsed against Adrienne, her sweaty body vibrating even as Adrienne slowed her movements. 

“I… wow…” Adrienne smiled. It might have been Kirsty’s first time with a woman but it wasn’t Adrienne’s. She stroked Kirsty’s sweaty hair. 

“Do you still want to see the bedroom?”

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